Ultimate Hold’em Poker Launched At The Enghien Casino

From 8:15 p.m. on Friday May 22, a new game will be available at the Enghien casino in Val-d’Oise. Fifty croupiers of the gaming establishment are currently in training to learn about the animation of the two tables of Ultimate Hold’em Poker. This new variant of poker will be the new attraction at the Enghien casino for the Pentecost weekend. The leading French casino continues to expand its range of games. Last week, he installed two electronic automatic launchers. The installation of this new version of poker comes after the closure of the Parisian gaming circles, but the management of the Enghien casino specifies that the two events have no connection between them.

Ultimate Hold’em Poker, a new version of poker

On Friday May 22 at 8:15 p.m., the two Ultimate Hold’em Poker tables will be operational in the Enghien-les-Bains casino in Val-d’Oise. The croupiers of the gaming establishment are currently undergoing training for the animation of these two poker tables. Ultimate Holdem Poker is distinguished by the fact that the seven players around the table are not yet playing themselves, but against the casino. C ette new poker variant is a mixture between Texas hold’em poker and stud poker.A player does not need to scrutinize the behavior of other players since his opponent is the dealer who deals the cards. Players at an Ultimate Hold’em Poker table can wager between $ 20 and $ 200. The possibility of winning can reach 500 times the bet if the player makes a royal flush. Thus, if a player achieves the biggest possible hand in poker, he could pocket up to 100,000 euros. In addition, the game allows players to have more playing time. More user-friendly, this variant of poker brings together around a table players who are not there to compete, but to beat the casino.

This new form of poker replaces the short experiment conducted by the Enghien-les-Bains casino in May 2008. Indeed, the gaming establishment had installed poker tables in its rooms at this time. This new version has already integrated gaming establishments in Switzerland and Monaco. It has just obtained the authorization to be installed in French casinos.

The Enghien-les-Bains casino expands its gaming offer

The installation of these new Ultimate Hold’em Poker tables follows the closure of Parisian gaming circles. The management of the establishment, however, clarified that the clientele targeted by this novelty is not the same as that of the gaming circles. Investing in this new version of poker is for the gaming establishment a means of diversifying its offer of games and renew themselves. Moreover, the Enghien casino was equipped last week with two electronic roulette wheels with automatic launcher. It is always in this spirit to increase the games offered to customers that the gaming complex wants to install these two Ultimate Hold’em tables.

Ultimate Hold’em Poker Launched At The Enghien Casino

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